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The Parallel Project — 2023 Writing Workshop

The Parallel Project (TPP) is a monologue writing workshop that was created by Argel Monte de Ramos and Jocelyn Tsui with the goal of increasing the number of monologues written by and for IBPOC artists. In addition to publishing a monologue collection for IBPOC actors, The Parallel Project aims to support the IBPOC artistic community by offering a platform through which IBPOC artists can tell their stories and celebrate their voices. Now in its fourth phase, The Parallel Project is looking to commission six new monologues written by six emerging IBPOC playwrights. In partnership with the City of Vancouver, The Cultch, and Playwrights Theatre Centre, the selected playwrights (18 years of age and above) will participate in a 7-week summer writing workshop, through which they will be mentored through the dramaturgical process by a local professional dramaturg. The project will culminate in two Invited Readings of the new pieces at The Cultch’s C-Lab. 

Application Dates:

March 27, 2023: Applications open

April 14, 2023: Applications close

May 19, 2023: Selected artists are finalized 


Workshop Timeline:

June 19: Program orientation & writing workshop

June 21 - 23: First individual dramaturgy session

July 3 - 5: Second individual dramaturgy session

July 15: Cohort co-writing session

August 18 - 19: Workshop with actor and director

July 27 & 28: Invited Readings

July 31 - August 3: Third individual dramaturgy session

August 4: Cohort Post-Mortem


Compensation: The selected artists will receive a $650 honorarium for their time and artistry.


The Parallel Project Team:

Argel Monte de Ramos: TPP Artistic Director, Reading Director

Jocelyn Tsui: TPP Producer

Davey Calderon: Dramaturg

*Second and Third Dramaturgs are TBC!

Trinity Jade: Marketing Manager


  1. Cover letter (2 pages maximum)

    1. Include the rationale for applying to this project, career goals for the next two years, and how the project relates to the artist’s personal and career goals. In brief, why The Parallel Project? What are your expectations? Please include any accessibility needs.

  2. Pitch and Sample

    1. Monologue idea/pitch (250 words maximum) - tell us about the monologue you would write for the project. While the idea does not have to be fully fleshed out, you must have an understanding of concept, characters, and themes.

    2. Sample of previously written work (500 maximum or one page 12-font sample). This can be a monologue, an excerpt from a play, a short story, or any other creative writing piece.

  3. Resume

    1. Include all performing arts and other work experiences.

  4. Commitment Agreement

    1. Read through the time commitment statement and ensure that you have a structured plan to meet the deadlines.

    2. All participants MUST be available for the Workshop Timeline dates stipulated above.

Click Here To Submit!

The Parallel Project is committed to removing barriers to access in the arts industry. If you have any questions about the application process or would like to request an alternative method of submitting, please contact Jocelyn Tsui and Argel Monte de Ramos at  

We look forward to seeing your application!


The Parallel Project Poster Draft 4.png

Monologue Excerpts


I wanna take us back to when we first met, because it’s important to me. Do you remember our first summer together? Endless wheat fields that stretched across the highway, the sun on our hair. Screaming Hamilton at the top of our lungs on those long car rides downtown. You told me over coffee once how you were glad we were best friends. That you couldn’t imagine being best friends with someone else. I died. No one had ever said that to me before. You know, I keep that picture frame you gave me on my shelf. I stare at it all the time and remember what you said. I’m really glad you kept yours too. 

You used to ask me questions about my childhood and I used to deflect them. Well I am ready to be honest now, although I have a feeling you kinda knew. The way we grew up, it was so different. I see your home, your family, the love here...the fullness of everything. Everything is so easily accessible to you. You grew up in a house on the hill, a view of the valley outside your door. 

Well right around the corner, down the hill, and past that dirt road and a creaky ass bridge are the straight slums. That’s what I am used to. Brown grass, trailer park, well water, broken home slums. Yeah...The concrete is so broken that pools of water form when it rains, the perfect watering holes for the stray cats. There is a hermit lady who lives on the corner lot singing to the moon, drunk off her ass. The kids bike around till morning, there's no rules. That’s where I grew up. 

Two Pedestals

Trinity Jade

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